Basic Combos For MMA Fighters

Mastering the basics of punches and kicks is useless if you cannot properly combine them. In this article, we are going to discuss about executing combos.

A combo is a combination of well executed punches and kicks launched in the shortest amount of time. The purpose of a combo is to systematically break down your opponent’s defense.

If you have the power of a one punch knock out, you also need to master the skill of executing combinations because if you miss, you will by reflex know what kind of punch or kick to execute next.

The two most basic combos that you can train consistently to become a pro MMA fighter are:

Jab – Cross – Roundhouse kick:

This is the very basic combination move that you must master as an aspiring MMA athlete. Practice this combe in two different methods – the continuous method and the broken method.

Under the continuous method, execute the moves rapidly without pausing. Throw the kick from the same side you throw your cross. If you use this technique using Muay Thai, then you might feel that your roundhouse kick is weaker after you throw a strong cross.

To compensate for the loss of power behind your kick, you need to throw the cross as a bait for your opponent. This way, your kick can be delivered with its full power. When your cross lands on your opponent’s face, keep it there. By doing this, you will be blocking his vision over the incoming kick.

Under the broken method, both the jab and cross punches are executed with full power. Once you have executed your punches, pause and then take a step back to gain maximum kicking range. From this position, you can execute your roundhouse kick.

Jab – Cross – Clinch – Straight Knee:

This combination move is pretty much clear. There is one important thing to note when using this combo: do not always go for your opponent’s neck for the clinch. You can always go for their guard. Grab your opponent’s bent elbows and hook them. Once you hook them, pull their heads below as you drive your knee upwards. This is so effective that most people hit with this combo will suffer an instant knock out.

These are the basic combos that you can start practicing in your MMA classes. To fully develop your stand up techniques, you can check out our recommended Muay Thai course.

Muay Thai offers a vast array of stand up combination techniques for any type of range. The art is also well known as the deadly art for a good reason. Each of its moves is designed to inflict as much pain and damage and to knock the lights off your opponent within the shortest amount of time as possible.

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