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Basic Takedown Offense For MMA Fighters

To become a successful MMA fighter, you must have good Wrestling moves and skills to take your opponent down. By having Wrestling skills, you will be able to dictate on where the fight should go.

If you want to take the fight to the ground, you will need to master the Wrestling takedown techniques.

Takedowns may look simple but you need consistent devotion to practice them.

To launch a perfect takedown, you need speed, strength and agility. If you are too slow, then you risk yourself being vulnerable to be knocked out cold.

How many times have you seen a fighter got knocked out because he was too slow in shooting for a take down and had his head directly hit by a haymaker or a knee? You do not want this to happen for sure.

Here are some basic tips to improve your takedown skills:

First of all, you must have a solid wrestling stance. If you do not have this, you do not have a chance if you compete against a solid MMA fighter. Your knees should be bent, your feet should be apart at about shoulder width. You must have a low standing posture which will enable you to sprawl quickly to take your opponent down.

Now that you have practiced your stance, let’s go to talk about the basic takedown techniques. There are basically two types of takedowns; the single leg and the double leg:

Single Leg Takedown:

This is the most basic wrestling takedown but the awesome part about this particular move is that it offers so many variations to follow up. To launch this move, you must drop low and aim for your opponent’s front leg. Once you shoot and grab your opponent’s leg, you pull it forward against your chest and hold on to it thightly. Afterwards, you twist your hips to make your opponent loses his balance. After your opponent loses his balance, you can easily slam him to the ground and gain top control.

Double Leg Takedown:

This move basically is the same with the single leg but it requires more speed, power and explosiveness. When you launch forward, you do not want only to grab your opponent’s front leg but both of his legs. This means that you must use each of your arm to hold tightly on each leg. When you manage to grab the legs, pull your opponent towards you while you slam him back first to the ground.

An additional tip for you to remember: if you are facing an opponent who has solid take down defense, lure him to strike or kick you. When he strikes or kicks, you have a window of opportunity to use your takedown as a counter attack to slam him to the ground.

Remember, keep on practicing and keep on repeating the takedown techniques. Your wrestling strength and fundamentals must continuously be improved if you are really serious about making it big in MMA.

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