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MMA Workout Tips – Incorporating Circuit Training

Circuit training is a good exercise to incorporate into your MMA workout sessions. By conducting circuit training, you will be able to work on your strength and on your cardio conditioning at the same time. Circuit training will also help you to burn a significant amount of calories as an additional benefit.

Circuit Training Definition

By definition, circuit training is a conditioning method in which you apply numerous exercises together. Each exercise has to be completed before you move to the next one by taking a brief rest. After completing all of the exercises during your MMA workout session, then you have completed a circuit.

How To Do Circuit Training

The nature of circuit training gives you a lot of exercise alternatives for your MMA workout sessions if you are creative. You can put variations on the period of each exercise, the length of short breaks and the types of exercises that you plan to use.

To gain the most benefit of circuit training in your MMA workout sessions, here are some guidance that you can use:

  • Time length: it is advisable for you to simulate the time period similar with the amount of time you are going to spend during matches. Most MMA matches in major promotions consist of 3 rounds of fighting and each round lasts for five minutes. Between each round, you will have 1 minute of rest. Therefore, you might want to consider this type of time length for your circuit.
  • Types of exercises: you need exercises that aim to build your strength, explosiveness and conditioning at the same time. Some advisable exercises for this purpose include push ups, pull ups and squats. These exercises train your whole body, not only a certain part of your body. You might also want to incorporate combat training into your exercises. For example, practice repetitive takedown shots with a partner during your MMA workout sessions.

The frequency of circuit training differs for each person. You do not want to have excessive circuit training during your MMA workout sessions because it can cause you injuries and would do you more harm than good.

The proper frequency of circuit training depends on your goal – are you preparing for a fight or are you aiming to only maintain your fitness level, and so on.

By determining your goals, you can set up the proper frequency of circuit training in your MMA workout sessions. Consult with your trainer if you are unsure. Your training knows what is best for your MMA workout sessions.

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